About Us

At Little Mu’mins we pride ourselves in providing a good, safe, secure, Islamic environment for our children to thrive and grow to the best possible individuals they can be. We incorporate the Islamic beliefs and values in there day to day routine as well the British values nurturing our children to grow up with respect, love and understanding for each other. Our children leave our nursery taking the basic practices of Islam with them like Dua’s for daily tasks and some knowledge on the important sayings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Alhamdulillah.

Our nursery theme is the butterfly. This is because the journey of the butterfly is extensive before it becomes the beautiful winged creature we see. Just like the butterfly we aim to nurture our children from the caterpillar stage to become the best versions of themselves.

Within our nursery we have three rooms The Caterpillar Room (Baby Room), The Cocoon Room (Toddler Room) and The Butterfly Room (Pre-school).

The Caterpillar Room

The Caterpillar Room has children ranging from ages 0 – 2.

At this age children love exploring to find themselves. We support children in their play to build them up to be more confident and independent individuals. Our little Caterpillars use this time to explore as much as they can to get a better understanding of the world and their surroundings preparing them for next developmental stage in their young lives.

The Cocoon Room

The Cocoon Room has children ranging from ages 2 – 3.

Our staff work hard to help encourage children to be more independent. We teach them routine and boundaries and help them to make secure relations to get them ready for the next stage in their young lives. In this age range the most crucial part of the children’s development takes place just like little Cocoons preparing to transform into Butterflies.

The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room has children ranging from ages 3 – 5 (Pre-school).

Our Pre-school staff work hard to support children coming out of their shell and building their confidence in all areas of learning. We guide our children, encouraging them to be independent and prepare them for school for a successful future helping them to excel and fly through the early years of their lives with Beautiful, Bright colours just like a Butterfly.

Mission Statement

Little Mumins Nursery provides a caring environment for
children from six weeks to five years. Our aim is to create
an enthusiasm for learning and providing the best care to
enable all children to achieve their full potential without
compromising their Islamic Values.

In order for us to achieve this we have a preschool curriculum
presented in six areas of learning- the ‘Early Years Foundation
Stage’. This is tailored to the children's individual educational and
social abilities in a happy and caring environment.

Each child is positively encouraged to develop and learn at his or
her own pace. This ensures that learning remains a fun and
progressive experience.

We help our children to be



Able to communicate confidently


Able to speak the truth


Trusting self


Manage circumstances


beleiving they can acheive what they want


Undrstanding and compassionate

Nursery Times

Mon - Fri (8 am – 6 pm)
Sat / Sun - Closed


89 Rolleston Street, Leicester, 

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
9.00 am – 3.30 pm

Phone & E-mail

0116 2620474

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